The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

A Thinly Veiled Excuse?

Those who know me well know that I do not control my sweet tooth, my sweet tooth controls me. Fight as I may, it is a losing battle.

In a quest to find a healthier alternative to cookies and ice cream, I turned to trail mix. Its sweet, its salty; it tends to do the trick.

Enter Black and White Trail Mix by Archer Farms.

Black Tie NOT Optional

Black Tie NOT Optional

It lives in the food aisles at the Target across the street from my house and it talks. No, it yells. This is the mix that calls me when I wake up, in the middle of the day and before I fall asleep at night.

It is the perfect blend – peanuts, raisins, chocolate-covered peanuts (ranks in top three weaknesses), chocolate-covered raisins (ranks in top five weaknesses), yogurt-covered peanuts and yogurt-covered raisins.

At the very core, it has all of the components that trail mix should have – fruit, nuts, sweet stuff – but does this count or is it a thinly veiled excuse to eat chocolate disguised as trail mix? 

When looking at the calorie information, I think it is a thinly veiled excuse.  Damnit.  And so the Trail Mix Trials continue. 

2 Responses to “A Thinly Veiled Excuse?”

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