The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Fitness Pro or Trail Mix Ho?

So all the sudden Word Press tells me there are a few related posts to my latest blog (see thinly veiled excuse …).  Again, not watching TV, I choose to click on the suggestions and found this.  Is this chick reading my blog or reading my mind?

There is literally a bullet about kicking a sweet tooth with trail mix.  Clearly she hasn’t met the black and white mix.  We learned today (as if we didn’t already know in the back of our mind) that not all trail mixes are a tool for kicking a sweet tooth. Not even close.  Eeesh.

So here’s the latest question – are some people just that damn good?  Like I said – my sweet tooth controls me, not the other way around.  When I think I’m doing my body good by ditching ice cream and picking up trail mix, I get addicted to the most sinful blend. 

Some people exercise for health; I exercise because I can’t stop eating chocolate.  For God’s sake, I took it to the next level and became a cycling instructor just to eliminate any possibility of skipping out on the gym.  Extreme problems require extreme measures. 

700 Calories Burned.  How Many Handfuls of Black & White Does That Equal?

700 Calories Burned. How Many Handfuls of Black & White Does That Equal?

Honestly, while the general population doesn’t know this, I’d say that 75 percent of fitness professionals are the same way.  They like to eat, they like to drink, but they know they have to combat the problem.  I see it as an entrepreneural approach to fitness.

It is only the other 25 percent that genuinely cherish “the shrine.” They put good ingredients in their bodies and exercise to keep their hearts strong.  (Don’t get me wrong – I do realize the importance of these benefits, but they are secondary to my need to counter-balance my chocolate addiction.)

So will 24 Hour Fitness fire me for admitting these things to the general public?  Should people know that fitness professionals are not natural-born health Gods?  Some of my colleagues are the Gods and Goddesses they appear to be.  However, in yet another unofficial “science experiment,” I have found that when I talk about food or drinks in my classes, the amount of student participation and feedback increases two-fold. 

They feel more comfortable and relate with me.  They think I’m human.  My gosh, they have no idea how human I am.  Unless, of course, they’re reading The Trail Mix Trials.


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