The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Bill & Ted Were Right About The Circle K

Like so many things from the 80’s that have come back to visit, the famous phrase from 1989 hit movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” is ringing true yet again – this time  in 2009.

Do they even have phone booths in 2009?

Do they even have phone booths in 2009?

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K,”

said Keanu Reeves playing Theodore “Ted” Logan.  (Don’t miss that link – great YouTube clip.)

On our way down to the Wine Cabana yesterday, we stopped in at Circle K for some gas.  While Scott – being the good man he is – pumped, I went into the mini mart to get some Diet Pepsi’s (which I soon proceeded to spill on the cashier – that’s another story) and peruse the trail mix selection.

Just as one would surmise by the title of this post, strange things were definitely afoot in the trail mix aisle.  Of course the normal nut and fruit blends were present, and even the more daring  mixes with M&M’s made an appearance.  But what really threw me for a loop was the Honey Nut Medley by Planter’s.

I had to give it a shot.  It featured:

Dude, Bill.  This stuff is righteous.

Dude, Bill, this stuff is totally righteous.

  • honey roasted peanuts
  • yogurt-flavored raisins
  • peanut brittle (yes, I really did just say that – AMAZING!)
  • cashews
  • pretzels

Thinking I’d just have a sample handful and save the rest for tomorrow, I reached in a took a bite.  OMG.  This is a blend like no other … and it doesn’t even have chocolate.  The textures are incomparable to any other mix that I’ve sampled.

The crunch of the nuts and the soft yogurt-covered raisins were catapuled to a new level by the crumbly accent of the peanut brittle.

As per status quo, I initially started feeding the pretzels to my dogs, who were also in the car.  However, when one accidentally slipped past my filter and into my mouth, the dogs were out of luck.  The saltiness of the pretzels stood alone in this mix, which is rare as they are usually offset by the nuts.  But since this mix had sweetened up the nuts, the pretzels were the only salty  – and necessary – piece of the puzzle completing the mix.

Wow.  Like every other story I tell you, you can guess that the contents of the bag did not make it to today.  As a matter of fact, they didn’t even make it to the Wine Cabana.

Never before have I seen this blend, so if you run across it in its natural environment (the trail mix aisle), pick it up.  Or else go to the link above and buy a 12 pack on

And remember that these trials would be “nuttin’, honey,” without Bill and Ted, who were quite obviously wise beyond their years!

Be Excellent to Your Trail Mix.

Be Excellent to Your Trail Mix.


3 Responses to “Bill & Ted Were Right About The Circle K”

  1. Planter’s doesn’t have nothing on Nutty Idea’s products. A custom trail mix company, ,where you pick your items and how many ounces in your one lb for each item . . . Bill and Ted would have picked Nutty Idea instead of Planters!!!!

  2. After seeing this mix at 7/11 last week and almost buying it, I will have to go back and try it for sure now. I didn’t realize that there was peanut brittle in there too. Would you consider it a “dessert” mix???

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