The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Friends Do Not Let Friends Do Crack.

Its a true statement, but I had to throw it out there as a tribute to the Flight of the Conchords, who I saw last night in concert.  That line is featured in their song, Friends (check the YouTube link – amazing).


The ‘Conchords and their friend Arj Barker, who is my not-so-secret celebrity crush of the month and plays my favorite character “Dave” on the show, were so good that I can’t stop thinking about it today.  So, of course, I’ve figured out a way to tie it to trail mix.

And how easy it is to do so when my wonderful friend and loyal Trail Mix Trials reader, Robyn, stopped by my desk with a snack-sized bag of Kirkland’s Signature Trail Mix just for me!

Friends are people who give you trail mix!

Friends are people who give you trail mix!

Further adding to today’s theme of “friends,” this is the very mix that my two wonderful friends and loyal readers, Teresa and Michelle, have been asking me to review – they are huge fans of this blend.  And I am now too after tasting it and learning that I can get it in individual-sized bags or in one econo-sized bag (It’s probably safer for me to get the small size, other wise the entire giant bag will be turned into a personal serving.)

This signature blend includes:

  • salted peanuts
  • plain M&M’s
  • raisins
  • almonds
  • cashews

As Robyn pointed out upon delivery, its what one might call a “classic” blend.  As a self-proclaimed trail mix expert and enthusiast, I would have to agree.   When you think of trail mix, this is precisely the picture that would pop into your head.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

Robyn definitely would not let me do crack.

Robyn definitely would not let me do crack.

Like Robyn, Teresa and Michelle, I wouldn’t ever trade them – my “classic” friends – for newer, fancier friends.  Not in a heartbeat!

If I had a Trail Mix Trials rating scale, I’d give this mix four nuts out of five.  It is the best of exactly what you’d expect in trail mix.  It meets my expectations for taste, quality, ingredients and freshness – 100 percent.  Not sure what will garner a five out of five nuts, but stay tuned.  I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later.

So if you have friends, like trail mix and enjoy stupid and/or wierd humor – like some of these posts – go grab a bag of Kirkland’s Signature Trail Mix and dine on it with your friends while watching Flight of the Conchords on HBO (if you’re not a subscriber, that show alone is worth the extra $10/month).

Real friends will stick by your side through all of your trials, even ones dealing with trail mix.


2 Responses to “Friends Do Not Let Friends Do Crack.”

  1. I told you that it is Heroin. So your post should be Friends don’t let friends do heroin. HA It is definitely an addiction.

  2. […] mix – totally unsolicited.  No fruits, but nuts, crackers and sesame sticks.  As my friend Robyn so appropriately put it  – a bar mix.  Look out. The 'Saviors are […]

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