The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Life Aint All Wine and Roses …

But it can be all wine and trail mix. I think from my previous “cheap skate” admission, we know that over-priced fancy things are lost on me. Has any one ever paired wine and trail mix? Who knows, but I just did.

I’ve just accompanied a “fine” Woodbridge by  Robert Mondavi  Sauvignon Blanc with the Snak Club Cranberry Trail Mix. (They were neighbors in the Ralph’s by my house.)

Who needs the fine things when you've got trail mix?

Who needs the fine things when you've got trail mix?

In my opinion, this cranberry blend is a lighter mix boasting sweet pineapple chunks and subtle white chocolate.  This is among the minority in the trail mix world – a non-raisin trail mix – making it a perfect companion to grape-based wine.

This concoction (also featuring peanuts and dried cranberries) would be overpowered by red wine. However, the dry fruitiness of this mix  goes wonderfully with the crisp tartness of the dried cranberries.

Unconventional, I know, but we’re in a recession for God’s sake.  I’m sitting here on my couch in my PJ’s in between my dog and my husband.  Caviar would be out of place in this scenario.  Tomorrow, maybe a dark chocolate cherry blend and Cabernet. We’ll see. 

No pairing is too out-of-sorts for these trials.


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