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The Nordstrom’s of Trail Mix?

Every product has a high and low end, and I think I may have stumbled upon the Nordstrom’s of trail mix today.  The founder, Brett, of Nutty Idea – Custom Nut & Dried Fruit Mixes is a smart business person.  He knows how the Web can work for him.  When I started The Trail Mix Trials a few weeks back, he found me right away and started commenting on my posts, some how magically tying it back to why I should be placing an order at Nutty Idea. 

Guess what?  I just did. 

Brett has been pushing that his mixes are custom (very cool concept) and the freshest around.  When I looked at his site, its “storefront” and products seem more Nordstrom’s-like than standard liquor store (see post on King’s) and grocery store blends that we typically review here.  I even appreciated his honesty when he said they were more expensive than your typical store-bought blends, but worth the cost.  A cheap-skate like me could have otherwise been turned off without the warning. 

Like I’ve mentioned, I’m a communicator and marketer by profession and by nature, so I appreciate his tenacity.  But you want to know what really sold me?  Bucky Diggs. 

Where in the world is Bucky Diggs?

Where in the world is Bucky Diggs?

Bucky is the official spokesperson of Nutty Idea.  He and I are now Facebook and Twitter friends (follow him @bucky_diggs), but imagine what dismay I felt when I went to place my custom order and Bucky Diggs was no where to be found.  Maybe it’s just me, Brett, but I think your sales would sky rocket if you put this cute little guy on your home page.  He’s adorable and gives your brand a face!

I’m hoping that when the product arrives it will sell itself – no chipmunk spokesperson required.  Time will tell, and so will I. 

Thanks, Brett, for your outstanding efforts.  I’m looking forward to the arrival of my custom mix – especially the dried strawberries!

Premium, custom, pre-packaged and bulk.  Here at The Trail Mix Trials, we’ll try them all.


5 Responses to “The Nordstrom’s of Trail Mix?”

  1. Ms Angie,

    You are so right about Bucky Diggs we have big plans for him. . . your article is just a week or so early. Bucky will be used on the site in a variety of ways over the next couple of weeks. A bit further down the road (already being worked on) Bucky will be coming to life on the site 🙂

    Working on tshirts for the site with sayings like “Protect Your Nuts” etc…and really promoting Nutty Idea’s little rockstar. Thank you for putting a spotlight on Bucky and . . . we will not disappoint!

    Bucky and the staff at love to earn customer’s one at a time . . . once we get you it is tough to look elsewhere. Nordstrom’s? Huge compliment even as a question, we will let our product and service speak for us, well and of course Bucky Diggs.

  2. […] Wine and Roses … But it can be all wine and trail mix. I think from my previous “cheap skate” admission, we know that over-priced fancy things are lost on me. Has any one ever paired wine and trail […]

  3. […] previewed the site last week and eluded to the possibility that they might be offering the Nordstrom’s of trail mix.  By Nordstrom’s, I mean higher price, better quality and more […]

  4. Angie,

    You asked for more of me on the site and it is done. go visit and see me on every pae in the header and really promoted on the custom trail mix pages. More to follow in the next few months . . . look at the power TMT has, she speaks and it is done 🙂

  5. Looks great! Thanks, Bucky!

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