The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

The Trail Mix of My Life

I think the reason we trail mix enthusiasts enjoy it so much is because of contrast of ingredients that go into each mix.  Prior to the trail mix era, such ingredients may never have been placed in the same bag. 

Some how it just works.

Some how it just works.


If you think about it, trail mix is kind of like our lives.  We all have a collection of things we like, but may not necessarily go together. 

So this is the trail mix of my life (in no particular order):

So what is the trail mix of your life, my dear readers?  If we all endured the 25 Random Things on Facebook, surely we can handle this.  Write back, let me know.  No minimum or maximum required. 

Who knows, your response may make the blog.  I can figure out a way to work anything into these trials.


2 Responses to “The Trail Mix of My Life”

  1. Ahh the trail mix of my life….

    * Matty
    * The Fam – Lori & Lar are amazing
    * Animals (a special place for my own)
    * Donuts – with a concentration on Apple Fritters
    * Flautas & Rolled Tacos from El Ranchito in Poway
    * HORSES & HORSES and wait….more HORSES
    * The Lakers
    * Good friends (of course!)
    * Dwayne & Eileen (our cars)
    * My bears (yes, I still sleep with my teddy bears)
    * San Diego Humane Society & SPCA
    * A good sleep
    * Working out
    * Traveling
    * Poway

    I could go on for days….so I will call it a day!

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