The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

What’s Your Price?

Well, I don’t know what yours is, but this is my Price. Yes, that capitalization is intentional.

Yes, Mom.  Her first name really is Price.

Yes, Mom, her first name really is Price.

Isn’t she cute?

This trail mix post is inspired by my friend Price, who gave me the idea of trail mix on a salad.

For years now, she’s been raving about the Thai Chicken Salad at the Waterfront Bar.  Finally this past weekend, I had the opportunity to have a taste.  I don’t know if she really knows how to target her audience, or if she really thinks this, but as she handed over the fork for a bite she said, “Isn’t it good – sweet, salty and tangy … just like trail mix.”

And she was right.  It was damn good.  Price is my friend for many reasons, but my new favorite reason is her love of dining on this salad while drinking a big beer.  The way she talks about it with such passion makes it clear that it is one of her favorite life’s simple pleasures.  What a woman?!

This salad-trail-mix-combo in mind, I went in search of a true trail mix salad. As I was walking around my grocery store yesterday, I looked in on the salad bar, and what do you know … they had trail mix as an option.

Bottom row, second from the right. Ta-da!

Bottom row, second from the right. Ta-da!

I had to partake.  It was a nice accompaniment to the leafy greens, egg, cheese and other toppings.  And a heck of a lot better than those 2×4-shaped pieces of turkey.  Gross.

Give it a shot some time.  It makes the salad quite interesting.

And it came at a decent price … same price for the salad w/ trail mix as a bag of premium trail mix (no leafy greens included).  So whether your price comes in people or in dollars, keep on going through the trials.  They never cease to amaze me.

Tomorrow the much-anticipated review of Bucky Diggs’ Nutty Idea.


One Response to “What’s Your Price?”

  1. I’m truly honored to even be mentioned on the blog, no less be the inspiration for an entire post. The Waterfront’s Thai Chicken Salad may just be the best bar food known to man. I frequently get stares when I order a salad at this less-than-classy establishment that’s known more for its burgers, but always tell my doubters “Don’t knock it till you try it.” And the fact that I can order my healthful salad with a side of beer, makes it all the more sweet.
    Thanks for the shout out, Ang.

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