The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Super Bowls Aren’t Won With Trail Mix

Or if they are, Peyton Manning must have a secret stash.  I’ve been in Indianapolis since Saturday night and aside from the airport, trail mix is scarce.

I bet I could hollow this out and hide a ton of trail mix in it.

Peyton: I bet I could hollow this out and hide a ton of trail mix in it.

I’ve scoured the city – and nothing.

They aren’t big on liquor stores here and I haven’t seen a grocery store downtown, so I could just be in the wrong location.  That being said – no trail mix in the gift shop at the hotel, nothing in the cafe snack section and only two different types of basic Planter’s trail mix (that I could have gotten at home) in CVS.

So how does Peyton get the energy to lead the Colts to victory year after year?  Clearly it is not with GORP.  I like Peyton’s character and commercials too much to imply doping (plus its not MLB), so what could it be?

Continued excellence like Peyton’s must be boosted – even if only a little – by raisins and peanuts.  I refuse to believe he’s “trail mix clean.”

I’m in this city for 48 more hours and will get to the bottom of it.  Stay tuned as the ‘Trials dig deep for Peyton’s secret stash.


3 Responses to “Super Bowls Aren’t Won With Trail Mix”

  1. If you’re staying downtown, check out:
    -Marsh at 320 N. New Jersey St.
    -Nia’s Deli & Market at 38 E. Washington St.
    -City Market at 222 E. Market St.

    Good luck!

  2. […] how the story is coming full circle?  I have never had trail mix hailing from Mexico.  Based on previous travels within the states I was less-than-impressed at the regional differences.  But something tells me […]

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