The Trail Mix Trials
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Raisin’ Endurance Eight Years Ago

I know. I know.  Some of you have been whispering to our mutual friends … “what’s up with Angie and her trail mix blog?  Kinda weird. Has she officially lost it?”

Not officially, but teetering on the brink.  Would you expect any less? 

Late-last night something hit me.  I’ve been writing about trail mix-related topics for almost a decade … and didn’t realize it until now.

TMT would be nothing without the DA

TMT would be nothing without the DA

As a senior at San Diego State  (Go Aztecs!!), I was a staff writer for The Daily Aztec  for a short time. One of my first assignments as a “hard-hitting” reporter was to interview a professor who received a research grant to do a study on raisins.  Not just about raisins, but also about the energy benefits of the fruit while exercising.

Endurance raised.

Endurance raised.









Sound familiar (The Trail Mix Marathons … we don’t have funding … yet)?

Forgive my shoddy journalistic skills (this was my first “real” assignment), but you have to check out this article.  It is a crack up!

Click here to read the full story – it is very short and won’t take up much of your time. 

And so the impetus for the trials comes full circle.  Thanks, SDSU!


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