The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Traveler’s Hot Bed

As if traveling wasn’t exciting enough, my latest trip from San Diego to Indiana (with a lay-over in Houston) enlightened me to an additional layer of traveler’s delight — airports are a hot bed of trail mix.

In multiple stores in multiple cities, I found a vast varity of options, blends, brands and fantastic deals.  Rather than write it out for you, I documented the excitement and will let you see for yourself.  Enjoy this collage.

airport 1

One tip, if you have an addiction like I do and you are going into an unknown city, grab a few bags at the airport before you leave.  Once you hit the town, you may not know where to go or when you’ll be able to get your mix fix.  It can lead to some serious withdrawls (I speak from first hand experience).

Traveler’s trials are so much easier with the hot bed of trail mix options at the airport.


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