The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Save a Buck. Buy in Bulk.

Today 1 lb. of raisins.  Tomorrow Rome.

Save a buck. Pick out your own nuts.

Logic tells us that when we buy pre-packaged foods we are likely paying a little more for brand names, labels and packaging.  But it is just so convenient.

Trail mix, along with other grains and ingredients, is one item we can save big on by making on our own from the bulk bins.  It really doesn’t take too much extra time, and the empowerment of choosing exactly what and how much you want is alone worth its weight (no pun intended). 

I’ve been making my own trail mix out of the bulk bins quite often as of late, and I get twice as much for a fraction of the price.  Plus, I get everything I want and don’t have to pick through for the good stuff – its all good.

Here’s an excellent article about how one shopper saves nearly $40-$50 per week on groceries by buying in bulk.  Do the math … that could add up to a good vacation at the end of the year.

Save a buck.  Pick out your own nuts.

Today 1 lb. of raisins. Tomorrow Rome.

Click here for full story (source: Citizen-Times)


3 Responses to “Save a Buck. Buy in Bulk.”

  1. For many of the things my friends and neighbors need we pool our money and buy goods in huge bulk – directly from suppliers – and get large discounts. There are no storage issues because we are splitting up the shipment as soon as it arrives, and there is far less packaging, transportation, spoilage and waste. We also split the costs of many durable items with friends and neighbors who need the same things. Often items are necessary but used only once a week or less. Why should everybody own the same things that they rarely use? We use a kind of checkout system that works very well. Oh, and talk about collective bargaining power! Highly recommended – I just started a blog about it.

    • Annette:
      Sorry for my delayed response, this got caught in my spam filter. Wow! That is a GREAT idea. I need to buddy up with my neighbors and do that too. I’m going to start following your blog.
      Thanks for your comment,


  2. Angie:
    You’re very welcome. One can create these micro-co-ops very easily by using a free web service a friend of ours is developing. It helps people find others in their area who are interested in splitting the same stuff – and let’s them work out the logistics online. He needs some testers (not open to the public yet) if you’re interested – request an invitation here:


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