The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

I’ll Staple Your Ear to the Wall

Say WHAT?  Strange, right?  Ya, well, my dear friend Molly B. (aka “The Beast”) and I used to work as hostesses at an Italian restaurant called Big D’s back in high school. 

Not what you'd expect with a nickname like "The Beast," right?

Not what you'd expect with a nickname like "The Beast," right?

When one of us would get in the other’s way (the hostess stand was tiny), we’d say weird things like “If you don’t move, I’m gonna chop your ear off and staple it to the wall.”

Ahh … high school.  Where did we come up with these things?  We still say it to one another when we see each other more than a decade later.

Any way … Trail Mix.  In honor of The Beast, I bring you trail mix from Staples (yes, the office supply store).  Who knew?  They have a fantastic assortment!



staples3staples2I went in looking for poster board and came out with a variety of trail mixes.  This must mean that office workers love trail mix enough for Staples to keep it in stock.  Take me for example – Exhibit A  – a trail-mix loving office worker.

What I like most about their blends are they are pretty traditional but the bags are packed to the brim with all sorts of goodness.  And, they come in huge bags that last me a week at work.  I’ve had trail mix for lunch for the past 6 days.  Awesome.

The price is good too.  As you can see from the photos, these giant bags come for only about a dollar more than much smaller bags that you would get at Target  or the grocery store.

So whether you are a beast or an office worker, keep in mind that trail mix trials are never a burden!


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  1. Say what????

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