The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Holy … You Know What … GE6

Today is the day of an annual tradition with my group of friends … the Grape Escape.  As you might surmise by the title, this is the sixth year of what promises to be a life-long tradition.

Grape Escape 5 ... Before Things Took a Turn for the Worst

Grape Escape 5 ... Before Things Took a Turn for the Worst

What this means is that we charter some sort of vessel (it has ranged from a 40-passenger party bus to a 14-passenger Expedition limo) and head north to Temecula for some wine tasting.

In our early years we made the novice mistake and embarked on the trek without any snacks or food in tow.  As you might imagine after five hours of wine tasting, some of the world’s finest debauchery ensued.  It wasn’t pretty (but it sure made for some good stories).

In our older and more mature (don’t laugh) years, we make the second winery stop at Longshadow Ranch where they have picnic facilities.  It is there that we do our best to sop up some of the wine in our stomachs with sandwiches  and snacks.

While I consider myself a Temecula wine country veteran these days, 2009 will be my innagural Grape Escape as a trail mix blogger.

I have carefully selected a few trail mixes – comprised of self-made and pre-packaged – to take with us on our excursion.  I don’t have the foggiest notion if it will help, hurt or just be used to throw at one another, but tomorrow I will write to let you know (and maybe post some photos).

Today, TMT hits the road for some of its potentially wildest trials yet.  Stay tuned … its always a fun ride!


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