The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

GE 6 Outcomes

Grape Escape never disappoints.  Good times with good friends enjoying the finer things in life.  What more do you need?

My BFFs: (L to R) Colleen, Laura, me, Teresa & Price

My BFFs: (L to R) Colleen, Laura, me, Teresa & Price


As expected, trail mix was a welcomed addition to our lunch stop and travels.  However, the way the trail mix looked when we purchased it is a far cry from the way it looked when we arrived in Temecula.

I didn’t take into account that Temecula is hot as hell in the summertime and that the air conditioning in our vessel has broken at least 3/4 of the time.  Yesterday was much of the same – nearly 100 degrees and yes – broken air conditioning.  So who thinks to put trail mix in a cooler?  Not me. 

As you might guess, we ended up with some very melted trail mix, leaving us with sticky and chocolaty fingers.  It still tasted good, but what a mess?!


The shenanigans were at a record low yesterday as well, but I’m not sure I can attribute that to the mix as not everyone ate it.  I think we’re just aging.  This is a good thing. 

I take that back – Scott did jump  in the goat den for a photo shoot and Laura turned the granite aisle of the bus into a slip in slide.  Too funny. 

Can't wait for June 2010

Can't wait for June 2010

Moral of the story, while I don’t have any scientific proof that the trail mix enhanced the winery tour, we did learn to be cognizant of the weather when picnicking with GORP.  These trials teach us something new … almost every day.

Side note: If you’re headed to Temecula for wine tasting, don’t miss KeyWays winery.  It is a hidden gem with fantastic ambiance and great Sauvignon Blanc.


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