The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

We’re Going Global!!

If by global, you mean 1,000 site hits, then YES this is the week that I predict TMT goes global.  At this very moment, we are at 957 hits.

1000 Strong ... And Growing.

1000 Strong ... And Growing.

This blog is just shy of two months old, and it is so fun to think that I’ve shared my life with so many of you through my trials of nuts and fruits. Who knew it would be possible – or interesting, for that matter?

What blows me away even more is that I have made new “friends” (the quotes are because we’ve never met in real life), gotten advice from strangers, and shared a few laughs and interesting conversations with loved ones – all as a result of TMT. 

Most importantly, I’ve learned a ton about people, social media and my career.  The blogosphere is a world of its own – and a ride not to be missed. 

Today my long-time friend and forever mentor, Gayle, asked me about my “crazy trail mix project.”  Apparently she is a fan (the feeling is mutual, Gayle). 

I replied to her that while I wish there was some genius plot behind it, it really is just a social experiment for me (not in the grandiose Ashton Kutcher kind of way) and a fantastic source of entertainment.  Some people do math equations to keep the mind sharp; I write about trail mix.

What I have learned is that people at the core just want to learn about other people.  Whether big or small, every one has a story to tell! 

Tell us about your trials.  We’re dying to hear!

Oh yeah – and tell your friends about TMT this week!  For no other reason than to make this the week that TMT goes GLOBAL!!! 

Thanks for reading.  You’ve all been a lot of fun.


2 Responses to “We’re Going Global!!”

  1. I read a quote that’s possibly applicable. “Hunger is the best sauce.” I like it cuz if the mustard or ketchup is gone, just wait a while and whatever you’re eating will taste amazing!!

    Yay Global!

  2. Melj:

    I should have re-read your post prior to this debacle:

    Let’s rendezvous soon.


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