The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Don’t Forget to Look West …

Or you could miss nature’s best. 

I learned a valuable lesson tonight while on a 4.5 mile training run on the Pacific Beach/Mission Beach boardwalk.  We were running just a few yards away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, yet I kept finding myself looking east at the man-made beach houses. 

Destination: Perfection

Destination: Perfection

Midway through the run, I realized how much I was taking one of God’s most maginificent creations for granted.  If that ocean wanted to, it could completely destroy all of those beautiful – and some not-so-beautiful – houses. I wasn’t even giving it the time of day.  If for no other reason, it deserves some attention because we pay up the you-know-what to live so close to this body of water and to enjoy the incomparable weather that accompanies it.

Same goes for trail mix.  I am probably the chief offender out of all of us for picking through trail mix to enjoy the man-made treats like, M&M’s, chocolate chips and yogurt-covered pretzels. Just like the beautiful Pacific, nature’s treasures of fruits and nuts are taken for granted.

Grab your nuts (& fruits).  Let's go au natural this week.

Grab your nuts (& fruits). Let's go au natural this week.

So with the biggest bikini day of the season in sight, I am taking a vow this week to enjoy the Pacific Ocean of trail mix – natural ingredients only.  Its the right thing to do no matter what season it may be.

I’m pretty sure this small tweak in my trail mix consumption will enhance my performance – and hopefully my waistline. 

If you’re out here on the supreme coast, take heed of today’s trail mix marathon trials and don’t forget to look west – after all where we live is the best!


One Response to “Don’t Forget to Look West …”

  1. Great Lesson and very true . . . just for me I need to look East 🙂 Things are nice but no one can paint like God!

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