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A Trail Mix Tribute to the King of Pop

Say what you will, but I love Michael Jackson’s  music.  I still remember writing him a letter as a five-year-old girl asking him to marry me shortly after I got the Thriller record. michael-jackson-thriller

His music is timeless and inspirational, and it saddens me that younger generations will only really know the King of Pop during the more troubling periods of his life.

His memorial service  moved me to tears (more than once) today.  It was beautifully done, and definitely one fit for … well … a king.  (Side bar: after today, I am going to need to amend my will to include a gold-plated coffin.  That thing was amazing).

As a tribute to maybe my first real crush and the most amazing performer the world has ever known, I have constructed a trail mix just  for Michael Jackson.

Ingredients include:




cHocolate chips


Espresso beans (chocolate-covered, of course)

Life® cereal


goJi berries

Apples (dried)


Kashi® cereal

Sesame sticks

Oat clusters


In keeping with the theme of  TMT – my blog about trail mix and my primary public forum – this is the only way I could think to express my gratitude to Michael for his music and all of the joy that he brought to so many around the world.

This week, mix up a bag of this Michael Jackson blend, turn on your favorite song from the King of Pop, and “Remember the Time …” (don’t miss the great video link there)

Rest in peace, Michael.  May your trials in heaven always be sweet and satisfying.


2 Responses to “A Trail Mix Tribute to the King of Pop”

  1. creative…I love it! Have you made your mix yet? That is a lot of ingredients!

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