The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

The “Trail” of a Family Visit

We got home last night from a great weekend with Scott’s parents.  We played Scrabble, celebrated Gary’s 9th birthday a little early, ate a lot, and ran a few errands (including a pedicure, which was amazing). It was very relaxing and just what the doctor ordered.

Papa D going in for the kill.

Papa D going in for the kill.

Gary even got his own birthday cake

Gary even got his own birthday cake

The Robert’s have been very accommodating to me since I’ve become a part of the family (and even before then).  Unlike them, I don’t like red meat and I love sweets.  Rather than let me go hungry, they always have seafood dishes for me to eat instead of steak, and lots of cookies, brownies, candies, etc. for me to snack on.

This trip is the first time we have visited since I began writing TMT.  They have read the blog a time or two and seem to like it.  So what would you expect on this visit – they had homemade trail mix for me too?!  Wow.  So thoughtful.

I got to thinking that families are a lot like trail mix.  You wouldn’t normally think to put almonds with raisins and yogurt chips, just like you wouldn’t think to put red meat eaters with quasi-vegetarians.  But it works, and probably makes us that much better off in life.

Trail mix by Pam

Trail mix by Pam

This summer if you’re off to visit friends and family, I hope your trials are as satisfying as mine were.


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