The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Movie Munchies

“Angie, look what you’ve started … I got addicted to trail mix and now I have to ween myself off.”

This is a direct quote from my friend and co-worker, Tati.  Pre-TMT, her trail mix addiction was non-existent, but now the girl just can’t get enough.  She started noticing the common signs of trail mix addiction (racing thoughts, thinking about her next fix) and took the first step – admitting she had a problem.

They stick together for better or worse.

They stick together for better or worse.

Unlike many addicts (including me), Tati has got her problem under control thanks to her movie-loving husband Tony.  She literally went through with-drawls and then set some parameters for trail mix consumption – at movies only.

Do Raisinettes count as trail mix?

Do Raisinettes count as trail mix?

You see, Tony is a movie addict and they go to the theater at least once per week.  Rather than getting buttery popcorn or sugary candy at the snack bar, Tati smuggles in trail mix and enjoys it during the flick.

Even if it is a blend filled with chocolate pieces, the health benefits of the nuts and dried fruits are still better than the empty calories found at the snack bar.

So here’s to you, Tati! Congrats on getting your problem under control and for teaching us a very inventive way to control our trials.


4 Responses to “Movie Munchies”

  1. I had to steer her away from the trail mix section on several occasions. It is tough but she is doing it. Hang in there Tati. Don’t let the yogurt trail mix throw you off the wagon!

  2. Let be your go to trail mix dealer 🙂 Yes you plan ahead and yes we are 10-15% higher in cost but our quality is 50% better (bias opinion) but one handful and you decide!

  3. […] friend Tati (the former trail mix movie muncher) just got back from Target and brought me the most sinful blend I’ve had to date.  She was […]

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