The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Shooting for 94

(Caution:  if you are squeamish, don’t read the next sentence) I have the world’s largest blister that has now turned into a deep cut through the middle of my foot from all of my training runs.  I’m on the DL for running.  But the Trail Mix Marathon doesn’t stop; it has just moved to the pool.

As we are training for our half marathon in September, we are concurrently training for a mini triathlon in October, so moving things to the pool doesn’t slow me down at all.

I was too shy to ask to take her picture, so it was taken on the sly.  Does that make me a stalker or just a dedicated blogger?

I was too shy to ask to take her picture, so it was taken on the sly. Does that make me a stalker or just a dedicated blogger?

While waiting my turn for a lane in the pool I made friends with a woman who was at least 75 years old, maybe even 80+.  Her turn to get in the pool came up before mine.  On her way into the pool she geared up in goggles, flippers (hands and feet), a swim cap, and flotation device that strapped around her waist.  And then that stunning woman hopped in the pool and swam for 30 minutes like a champ.  SUPER OMI 001

She made me think of my grandmother Omi, who just turned 80 (but looks 65) and ran her last marathon less than five years ago.  She still runs 12-20 miles per week and I honestly don’t foresee her stopping any time soon.

So, today’s Trail Mix Marathon is dedicated to these two phenomenal women.  Next time you wonder why I work out seven-days-a-week and act like a 15-year-old when I’m really pushing 30 – people like them are why.

I’m shooting to live at least until age 94. If these two lovely women teach us anything, it is that exercise and a great attitude are going to help me get there.

I realize that this week’s Trail Mix Marathon really didn’t cover trail mix, but it was such a good story that I couldn’t pass it up.  If you learned anything this week, I want you to remember these two gals next time you think something is too hard to do.  Barriers – be it age or something else – are what you make of them.  Just jump right over that hurdle! We know that today’s featured women would.

I wonder if trail mix ever played a role in Omi and my pool friend’s drop-dead-gorgeous physiques?  If so, you better believe I’m never stopping these trials!!


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