The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

A Date with the Devil

You’ll have to excuse me,  I am in the middle of a date with the devil as I type.  I hope this isn’t awkward for you. dev

My friend Tati (the former trail mix movie muncher) just got back from Target and brought me the most sinful blend I’ve had to date.  She was craving trail mix and asked if I wanted any before she left.  I said no, but that I’d have some of hers if she brought it back.

She took my request to a whole new level – she bought two different bags and mixed them – then gave me my own bag.

My, my …

Not only did she get my proverbial kryptonite – the Archer Farms Black & White Trail Mix – but she also got the Archer Farms S’Mores Trail Mix.

So imagine all of the ingredients in the Black and White, mixed with:Taste-N_smores0_1731286

  • chocolate-covered peanuts (yes, more of them)
  • pecans
  • graham squares
  • chocolate chunks
  • coated marshmallows

Give me a break, right?  It’s so freaking good.

I shot her an e-mail – half thanking her and half berating her – to the tune of:

“OMG, this is so damn good, it is like dessert.  Not too many healthful aspects in this blend …”

(BTW – whatever happened to only eating trail mix at the movies?? I’m kidding, Tati – and definitely not judging!)

She wrote back saying “sometimes a girl just needs some dessert.”  Ya.  She’s right.  But it just seems downright sinful.

Uncharted (and dangerous) territory today on the trials … blending blends.  Look out – I see a new trend in our future.


3 Responses to “A Date with the Devil”

  1. I’m glad you like it Ang!! BTW – I didn’t go to the movies last week and needed to make up for it! Plus I don’t have Robyn here to stop me. Gotta love trail mix!!!

  2. Isn’t trail mix designed originally to be eaten while on a trail? So why are all these candies involved? Wouldn’t they just melt all over the place? Sounds yummy though. Save me some Tati…..ha yeah right.

  3. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

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