The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Angie Mobert?

It has an OK ring to it, right? Not really, but I’m stretching here.  You see, when I was a fair, unmarried maiden, my initials were AMP.  I always secretly wanted to marry a man with a last name that started with “M” so my initials could be AMPM.  Who wouldn’t want that?ampm_logo

Since my juvenile idealism, I met Scott whose last name starts with an R.  His many outstanding attributes far out-shadowed the first letter of his last name, so we sealed the deal in marriage nearly four years ago, and I never looked back.

… Until now.  A few days back I made a stop at AMPM for some gas.  I ran inside for a soda and glaring me in the face were signs on the door, floor decals and a front-of-store display for Shadow Hills Trail Mix – sold exclusively at AMPM – 2 bags for $3.  Uuuhhh … Hello?

ampmshadowhillsOf course I bought two bags – one nuts and chocolate, and the other a spicy blend.  (I have yet to try the spicy blend.  No need – the price and convenience alone already makes it a winner in my book.)

The nuts and chocolate blend was good – not great – just a basic blend (the “premium” verbiage in the description was definitely thrown in there by the marketing department, not a trail mix rating agency).

No complaints here.  I got exactly what I expected – decent quality at a great price.  Well, everything I expected except the resurfacing desire to have a second last name that starts with an “M.”

AMPM is the most elite of all convenience stores in my opinion.  You can get any thing there.  I really felt like this in-your-face trail mix propaganda was a sign that I needed to change my initials (but never my husband – don’t get any ideas.  That’s how rumors are started.)

Being the forward thinker that I am, I kept my maiden name so I still have the AMP – now all I have to do is convince Scott to change our last name to Mobert from Robert.  Something tells me this is going to be a hard sell.

If you have any suggestions in non-divorce, co-marital name-change-trials, let me know. If not, then just stick to the Shadow Hills trail mix at AMPM and think of what could have been.


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