The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

I’m Gonna Figure This One Out …

Alright … so I didn’t find trail mix in Mexico or on the cruise ship.  I haven’t even found any unique blends to review this week.  So why am I writing?

Well, because I have been hit with a spell of self doubt.  <gasp>  Right … right … in a tabloid-driven world it seems like I am the first one to ever admit it… but believe it or not, I’m pretty sure you’ve felt this way too.

Whether you are the super star of the world or the peon that no one ever noticed (or even a lowly trail mix blogger), something tells me that you have been unsure of yourself at one time or another too.

Well, here I am … your bold leader of the trail mix trials … a little unsure of herself.

As Scott walked in the door tonight, I felt like I was transported back in time.  There was no TV.  I had a delicious dinner in the oven.  And he sat down just to …. talk.  WHAT?  (This is no reflection on Scott – but most families chatter during commercials or over dinner … they don’t sit down to say ‘what happened to you today?’ … I am a lucky girl.)0511-0703-0618-4449_Unsure_Businesswoman_Looking_a_Flaming_Circus_Hoop_clipart_image

Nothing specific happened to make me feel this way; but I was just unsure.

Is my compass in life pointed in the right direction?  Am I doing my best?  Do I have the skills I need to succeed?

Like a good spouse, he reassured me that things would be OK, and then convinced the dogs to give me big, wet kisses that made me feel better.  But who knows; Life is a journey.  Sometimes it is character, rather than experience, that carry us … and other times it is the converse.

Any way … I vow to you that this really is a blog about trail mix … so here it is:

Yesterday, I literally had $1.92 in my wallet (there was credit/debit but I didn’t want to use it for small purchases).  I pulled into the gas station searching for trail mix and found almost too  many options.  My limited cash flow was valuable, so I relied upon what I knew – Planters nuts and chocolate mix – knowing that if I stuck with what I knew, I wouldn’t be dissappointed.

Granted, they tell you that if you don’t risk, you don’t win.  But, in this lesson I’m telling you that  if you believe and trust in yourself, you can find what you need to win.  In fact, a news clip just flashed across my TV screen that said, “if you trust your mind, your body will follow.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The trail mix connection tonight is small, but trust yourself, my friends, and all of your other trials will fall into place.


2 Responses to “I’m Gonna Figure This One Out …”

  1. Here is a great pick me up about a young man who just never says quit. For me I think it is because he just can’t say it, i mean he can’t even imagine a world where that is the final decision, I love it!

    Forget about which school he plays at (GO GATORS by the way) but feel the energy in the writers article as he trys to find what makes this guy tick . . . very interesting!

    Not about trail mix . . . or is it?

    I have a plaque in my office that my boys have picked up the saying more than I realized. It is very simple but so concrete; it reads, “never, never, never . . . give up!” I love that quote it keeps me up later, moving faster and staying more focused even when everything around me is rocking . . . hope it does for you what it does for me, a little pick me up to keep you in rythym!

    here is the article:

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