The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

An International Sensation

Wanted: funding for a trip around the globe to research international trail mixes.  In response for your generosity, you’ll have a permanent feature in TMT, an endless supply of trail mixes, and pictures of my dogs any time you want to look at something adorable.

While I may not be an international sensation, trail mix has made many-a-name for itself in various countries.

There are certain parts of the world, however, where trail mix consumption remains undocumented. WorldTravelerSign

As your valiant leader of the Trail Mix Trials, I volunteer to scour the ends of the earth to find out what the other countries think of trail mix … as long as you buck up the funding.

Until then, this is what we know about international trail mix:

  • Scroggin (Australia and New Zealand) – The name scroggin may be an acronym, taken from the first letter of eight ingredients: sultana grapes, chocolate, raisins, orange peel, ginger, glucose (sugar), improvisation or imagination (i.e., the chef is supposed to add a favorite ingredient), and nuts. (source: Wikipedia)
  • GORP (America) – Stands for “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts” or “Gobs of Raw Protein,” or “Granola Oats Raisins and Peanuts.” (source: Wikipedia)
  • Studenterhavre (Denmark) – Student food (source: Wikipedia)
  • Pink Buggie (Canada) – origins from a brand of Trail Mix made by the Kyle Hancock franchise, that only uses pink smarties. (source: The Big Apple)

You can see from this list that many countries, not to mention entire continents, are missing. Has it not been discovered yet, or is it just not published on the Web? The Trail Mix Trials are ready to make trail mix an international sensation.  Who’s with me?


2 Responses to “An International Sensation”

  1. Honey,

    This is a brillant idea but I will not be helping you with funds unless you take me with you. xoxoxo

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