The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Bag. Box. Bowl.

We’ve learned that trail mix comes in all sorts of containers, most commonly – a bag. 

Penny pinching like the rest of the nation, when I saw a BOGO coupon for Trail Mix Crunch by Post Cereals at CVS, I jumped on it.  Trail mix from a box to a bowl.  This is a first for me. trail mix crunch cran

The cereal comes in two different blends – raisin & almond or cranberry vanilla.  Unlike traditional trail mix, both types are very granola-heavy. 

I love the marketing behind this cereal – trail mix sparks ideas of healthfulness in the minds of consumers – but I think the actual product is missing the mark. trail mix crunch raisin

It could just as easily be called raisin almond crunch or cranberry vanilla delight.  What’s more, the cereals contain a lot of additives, such as caramel color, fig juice concentrate and corn syrup.

All this said, in the land of cereal, this one doesn’t measure up half bad.  It is filled with fiber and whole grains and provides consumers with essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Final verdict from TMT – if you’re looking to eat trail mix from a bowl, skip the milk.  This Trail Mix Crunch, while delicious to eat, is nothing more than a re-packaged and -named granola. 

At the core, trail mix is a minimalist food – the fewer additives, the better … and that means milk too.  For now, unless we figure out a better way, I’m staying away from trail mix trials that can’t go directly from bag to mouth.


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