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Something a Little Different

It always makes me laugh when I hang out with my mom and her best friend, Char, because Char always jokingly reminds my mom that “it’s all about me.” 

BFF's: Char and Mom

BFF's: Char and Mom

Well, Char, I may have found something to help you really drive that point home: You Trail Mix from 

The premise for all of the “You” products, which include bars, trail mix and shakes, is that they really are all about YOU.

After chosing to make your own trail mix, you then decide which size of box to receive – small-large.  After that, you pick up to five nuts, five dried fruits, five seeds, three crunchy grains and three “tasty additions,” respectively.  youbar_logo

If that weren’t enough, you get to name your trail mix too.  I thought that was just for filing or reference purposes, but when your trail mix arrives, your name is really printed on each individual bag. 

What’s more, as you’re selecting your items, the nutrition information tabulates off to the side of the screen so you see exactly how many calories, nutrients, etc., your mix will contain.  Misc Trail Mix 005

At first blush, it is a little pricey as your investment is at minimum $24 and change, plus tax and shipping.  However, YouBar breaks it down by individual bags, so you are really only paying $1.99 per bag at that price.  I might add that the individual pre-packaged bags are excellent for portion control and just the right amount … so long as you like your mix.

It is a great gift for heath-food “nuts” or for that person who has everything.  It even comes in a nice bag with a neat little bow.  And who wouldn’t be blown away with their own custom-printed food?

One caveat – I have to say that the ingredients I selected did not go well together, so now I am stuck with a lot of trail mix that I don’t really like.  My recommendation would be to keep it simple and go with traditional ingredients to start.  Don’t go crazy with the plethora of options.  Once you get your first order and determine what you like/don’t like, then be more adventurous with your selections the next time around.

Whatever you chose, I hope your trials are all about YOU!


2 Responses to “Something a Little Different”

  1. This is so nice of you. In honor of me and Char is the best treat of all!!!! MBFC=My best friend Char and she is the best. Love a little sweetness in my trail mix which goes with MBFC’s personality. Nuts are good for us in moderation but being nutty can be consumed in mass quantities. Love my blend already. Happy Trails to all of you.

  2. This is really nice! To see myself and MBFD=my best friend Deb laughing and having a great time as we always do! Since it is always about me this trail mix is perfect! My name on the bag is of course a special treat in its self. I love the whole grains and dried fruit, I especially love MBFD and might even share a little with her. I will be picking out what I like to put in our bags (all about me). Happy Trails!

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