The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

It’s Raining Men

While that is usually a good thing if you’re on a man hunt, in this case …  not so much as I’m related to today’s featured men.  

Some of my favorite Y chromosomes were in Seattle last weekend (hence the raining reference in the title) and bought me some gourmet trail mix to try.

Pictured L to R and in order of oldest to youngest: Mike, Tim and Jim

Pictured L to R and in order of oldest to youngest: Mike, Tim and Jim

Uncle Mike is my mom’s baby brother and Tim and Jim are my darling baby cousins.  I started babysitting these guys when they were a week old … and I remind them of that regularly (though the reminder usually goes something like “leave me alone, I used to wipe your @$$ when you were a baby … you owe me.”).

All three of these darling boys are very loyal readers of TMT and are amazingly generous with their compliments of the posts.  I am so excited they have taken their readership to the next level by sending me trail mix to review as I love nothing more than to showcase my friends and family on this blog. Plus, look at them … they’re just adorable.

A Pacific Northwest Gem

A Pacific Northwest Gem

So in the mail today arrives an envelope from the boys, packed with care (I’m sure) by my aunt Brandi. It was filled with a University of Washington T-shirt for Scott (they were checking out that school for Jim to go to next year) and a bag of gourmet trail mix for me.  

Similar to these boys, this may be one of the most outstanding trail mixes I’ve had to date.  It is the Chukar Cherries 100 percent natural cherry and pistachio natural energy mix. 


  • dried bing
  • Ranier and Montgomery cherries
  • roasted pistachios

The mix is so simple, yet so delicious.  The cherries are succlent and the pistachios are fresh. Strangely enough it also boasts “no sulfites added.”  They say Italian wine doesn’t give you a hangover because of the lack of sulfites.  While I’m not sure how that relates to trail mix, I can dig it.  (I’m not a fan of hangovers … Tim and Jim, that is something you will not know about until you are 21.)

There are so many things I love about this whole experience – the boys thinking of me, getting a package in the mail, tasting a regional delight without paying for the travel … and the mix itself.

Jim, I hope you get everything you want in life, but I have to say I’m kind of voting for University of Washington now so you can send me a regular supply of this amazing mix. 

UWNext time you’re in the Seattle region, don’t miss a trial of Chukar Cherries (it also looks like you can get it online).


2 Responses to “It’s Raining Men”

  1. I love these 3 men too. Lil brother and my nephews, what a class-act. We are close and have some fun times together. Kudo’s out for Jim and his choice of schools and trail mixes. Love you guys. Love ya, deb

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