The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Where’s My Jacket?

It is 60 degrees outside and I’m freezing.freezing

While that likely brought a chuckle to my non-Southern California readers, it is the truth.  I was born and bred in Southern California, and I do not like cold weather.  I get nervous to travel to other places because I don’t know how to dress and don’t own a proper jacket. Frankly, the cold weather just makes me discombobulated and grumpy.

A few weeks back, I placed an order for a custom trail mix at  It arrived on a Friday afternoon around 3 and was gone by 7.  I wrote to Brett, the owner of, and jokingly told him that he needed to patent that blend because it was “the BOMB” (that’s a direct quote … I really do speak like a 13-year-old some times).

Brett wrote back telling me that he was going to place it in his “popular mixes” section and he said I could name it.  Such an honor.

A So. Cal. Heat Wave

A So. Cal. Heat Wave

This is a picture I took out of my car window.  Why would I ever leave?

This is a picture I took from my car window. Why would I ever leave?

So to pay homage to my beloved homeland and the warm weather that comes with it, I bring you The So. Cal Cluster from

It features:

All Hail the So. Cal. Cluster

All Hail the So. Cal. Cluster

  • peanuts – 2 oz.
  • pineapples – 2 oz.
  • papayas – 2 oz.
  • pistachios – 2 oz.
  • chocolate morsels – 2 oz.
  • strawberries – 4 oz.
  • peanut butter morsels – 2 oz.

I always thought this sort of naming opportunity was reserved for celebrities or the wealthy.  While rich in love and famous in trail mix blogging, a celebrity I am not.

Thanks Brett, for giving me a trial of everyday super-stardom.  Check out my new So. Cal Cluster.  You’re gonna love it.


3 Responses to “Where’s My Jacket?”

  1. You have always been a super star to me…

  2. Awe! Michelle, you’re the best!

  3. […] will receive a gift basket filled with five pounds of trail mix from, including the So. Cal. Cluster and the Monster Mix.  Second place will receive a custom TMT tin filled with three pounds of the […]

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