The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Help Needed to Cross the Finish Line

Sunday can’t come soon enough.  Unlimited trail mix is in my future.

Why?  It is the day of the Mission Bay Triathlon, 09mblogoand we’re participating.

Since on this day, all things will come in threes, I am asking you to help me cross the finish line by suggesting power-packed trail mix ingredients – three of them.

As I transition from swim to bike, and bike to run, rather than consuming Gu or Power Bars, I will chomp down your recommendations for sustained fuel. 

So what are your three favorite trail mix ingredients?  Let me know, I’ll make it, eat it and report back on how these triathlon trials go.


5 Responses to “Help Needed to Cross the Finish Line”

  1. Pretzels for carbs – despite carb loading, it’s good to refuel those sugars that take a little longer to break down

    walnuts/almonds/peanuts (UNSALTED!) – protein keeps you going, but don’t do the salt thing, you’ll need more water to stay hydrated, and table salt isn’t the same as the “great” taste of gatorade

    chocolate chips – for that quick sugar you need before those pretzels break down and do you good, plus they’re tasty!

    have fun, drink lots of powerade/gatorade or take shotbloks with your yummy trail mixes for those much needed electrolytes!!!

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  3. Three main ingredients:

    dried prunes
    flax seed

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