The Trail Mix Trials
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The Breast Cancer 3-Day: A Well-Oiled Machine

This past weekend I had the honor of walking in the Breast Cancer 3-Day for the third time. 

L to R: Scott, Me, Teresa, Price, Amy

Every year (this year included) I say it is my last time, but then I do it and get sucked in again.  It is such an amazing event and a wonderful display of humanity.  It reaffirms my faith in people and touches my heart every time.  I can’t turn away.

The event is so impeccably put together; the organizers did not miss a detail.  From food, to cheering, to entertainment – everything is spot-on perfect.  Wish I’d thought of it myself. 

This is just a random local; she bought all that stuff on her own. Very generous.

As if the 3-Day wasn’t perfect enough, on three separate occasions some of the dedicated cheerers were handing out trail mix to the walkers.  One offered trail mix granola bars at La Jolla Shores; another presented individual Kirkland trail mix packs at the La Jolla cove; and the MADCAPs gave us delicately packaged sachets of trail mix tied with a perfectly pink ribbon.

Trail mix from the MADCAPs

Just when I though the 3-Day couldn’t get any better … it did.

Why do I walk 60 miles each year?  There are many reasons – my friend Lolly who is a 5-time survivor, my mom who had her own tumor scare, Scott’s family that has had many relatives touched by the disease, friends and family of those dealing with the disease, to raise awareness for those who may have not ever thought to check themselves – and because I can.  There are thousands of people who wish they were able to walk 60 miles, but are physically unable.

Think about that next time life brings you trials.


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