The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Food for Flying

A recent investigation by explored the nation’s best and healthiest airplane food.  My favorite airline, Continental, came back with the highest rankings.  Receiving an honorable mention were Delta and Northwest Airlines, which as we previously noted serve trail mix on their menus. 

This just goes to show you that when you incorporate trail mix into your menu, you’re guaranteed to be among the winners. Read on for the story from 


Airline food. No, that’s not the punchline to a joke.

Air carriers serve meals, and where there’s food, there can’t be a restaurant critic too far behind. Just in time for the buys travel holiday season, has released its annual airline food investigation. Continental Airlines topped this year’s rankings, winning accolades for its “free, low-calorie, high-impact meals,” while Southwest Airlines rated the lowest for offering “not much in terms of nutritional value.”

The survey of the major airlines and their snack and onboard food offerings was conducted by health advocate, Charles Stuart Platkin. It provides the calorie information of snacks and onboard menu choices and gives each airline a health rating.

“This year Continental provided the ‘best’ choices in the sky, while United Airlines had a fall from grace, American Airlines wins most improved, and US Airways falls to the near bottom,” he says.

Click here  for the full results.


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