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Holiday Hostess Gifts

With less than a week until Christmas, many of you are likely scurrying around trying to tie up the last details on holiday gifts and plans.  I sure am.  I found this great article from Yum Sugar that explains holiday hostess gifts using trail mix.  They could also be given as regular gifts if you’re not hosting. 

“I decided to make my own holiday hostess gifts this year instead of spending on wine or pre-made goodies. I found mini jam jars at Target and stocked up on pistachios, almonds, white chocolate chips and dried cranberries from Trader Joe’s, which combine to make a tangy, sweet, and salty treat that can be enjoyed at the party, or weeks later. To add an extra seasonal flair I dressed the jars with a red ribbon and a simple stock card label, which I decorated with a rubber stamp. I made eight for about $50, which comes out to about $6 a piece. Personalized, pretty and not-so-pricey. The perfect holiday treat!”

Full story here.


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