The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

Row Your Boat

It has been noted (by me) that many people who select trail mix as their snack of choice also have an affinity for health and fitness.  Trail mix brings to mind health, nutrition and energy,  and typically seems like a much better option for snacking than sugar-laden fruit snacks or salty chips, which is probably what draws fitness enthusiasts trail mix’s way.

Today’s featured trail mix enthusiast takes the term “an affinity for fitness” to a whole new level.  This woman is rowing across the Atlantic – without a sail or motor.  And of course while she is doing that, she is bringing along power-packed trail mix for sustenance.


A year or so ago, a young woman from Mentor, Ohio, swam the entire length of the Allegheny River. Katie Spotz, an endurance athlete, felt compelled to raise awareness of the global problem of lack of access to clean drinking water. Her epic swim, according to her charity Blue Planet Run, represents the four-mile hikes women and children in developing nations often take each day just to collect drinking water. After her river swim, she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that she wasn’t done there. Her next feat would be a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. If she succeeds, she will, at 22, become the youngest person and the first American to cross an ocean in a rowboat. She will also have raised enough funds to secure fresh water for at least 1,000 people in developing nations.
To read the full story, visit Woman rows alone across the Atlantic

Source: Mother Nature Network


2 Responses to “Row Your Boat”

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