The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?

About The Trail Mix Trials

Unlike other sites that pop up when you type “trail mix blogs” into Google, this blog really is about trail mix – not the campaign trail, or easy-to-carry food for travel, or even a variety of fabrics.  This really is about nuts, fruits, crackers and chocolates that are all combined together – trail mix!

My addiction to this every-day delacacy has been rapidly progressing – so much that I can’t even leave my house in the morning without thinking about when I’ll get my next “fix of the ‘mix.”

While trail mix is often veiled as a healthy snack, when eaten too aggressively (the way I tend to do it) it can be high in calories and fat.  To combat the potential trail mix bulge, I’ve contemplated giving up all other foods but take-out salads and trail mix.  By my rational, such a diet would fulfill all of the major food groups: nuts for protein; cheese in salads or chocolate/yogurt in trail mix for dairy;  seeds and crackers/pretzels for grains; and lettuce or dried fruit for the fruit and veggie requirement.  Oh my … What would Jillian Michaels think?

This addiction is so all-consuming that I now know the trail mix “hot spots” around town.  I need an outlet – and it has to stop being my mouth (save the “that’s what she said” jokes, boys). 

So while pondering this issue as I was tearing through and analyzing three different mixes I picked up at Target before starting the three-

Is trail mix in the hand really better than trail mix in the bag?

Is trail mix in the hand really better than trail mix in the bag?

hour journey to LA from San Diego, the outlet was found!  Hello “Trail Mix Trials.” 



5 Responses to “About The Trail Mix Trials”

  1. Well if your a trail mix lover then you’ll love this site. The name of the company is Nutty Idea and it is a Custom Trail Mix site where you choose the items you want and how many ounxes per item in your mix. Then it is custom mixed just for you!

    The prices (minus shipping) is a bit higher than your Target mixes but the products are so fresh! Nuts, seeds, delicious dried fruit and of course chocolates . . . It is so much fun creating your own mix, you have to try it out.

  2. Brett – talk about a dream come true! I will give it a shot sometime soon and so a write-up about it. Is this your company?

  3. Yes it is . . . I spent a year or so building the concept and a year or so learning ecommerce and creating a user friendly website. All the while testing different farmers products and selecting my line of products. Over the last year and a half it has all started to come together.

    I focus on quality of product and not just lowest price, but have been pleased with the combination Nutty Idea has. The greatest compliment is the repeat business . . . once someone trys us we usually see them back within 2-4 weeks. As you know it is addicting 🙂

    It has been a fun run and great to watch the concept grow. We will even build personal programs if someone is interested in specific items either on the site or not . . . see “Snack Pack 200” in our Popular Nuy Mix section. She buys about once a month.

    If I can be of any help to you or your readers feel free to contact me. When you place your order leave a comment about your blod in the comments section and I will have my staff send you a few samples of items you did not order to test . . . have a great week!


  4. By the way the picture you see here is Bucky Diggs he is Nutty Idea’s spokesperson . . . he thinks he is real, even has his own Facebook page.

    thanks for the interest!


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