The Trail Mix Trials
Feeding an Addiction or Feeding Your Face?


My friend Kim is one hot mamacita, and now I know why.

L to R: Riley, Kim, Dan, Denton

Kim is a carb cruncher, and she’s sharing her secret with us through her entry in my Holiday Meal Contest, courtesy of Golden Share Foods

Like Kim told me when she entered, San Diegans are typically health-conscious people and more aware of their bikini bodies than their northeastern counterparts, as it is practically summer weather in San Diego all year-round. 

So without further ado, I present Kim’s Low-Karb Trail Mix:

  • ¼ cup dried cranberries ¼ cup (net 2 grams of carbs)
  • ¼ cup dried Mango (net 6.3 grams)
  • ¼ cup dried apricot (net 3.1 grams)
  • 4 tbs pecans (net .12 grams)
  • 2 tbs macadamia nuts (net .9 grams)
  • 4 tbs peanuts (net 3.6 grams)

Doesn’t that sound delicious?  It just goes to show you that trail mix can be made as delicious or healthy as you want it to be. 

As for you, dear readers, you better get your entries in soon.  Kim is giving you all a run for your money.

Give it a trial … mix something up and send it in.  The deadline is next week!


This past weekend I had the honor of walking in the Breast Cancer 3-Day for the third time. 

L to R: Scott, Me, Teresa, Price, Amy

Every year (this year included) I say it is my last time, but then I do it and get sucked in again.  It is such an amazing event and a wonderful display of humanity.  It reaffirms my faith in people and touches my heart every time.  I can’t turn away.

The event is so impeccably put together; the organizers did not miss a detail.  From food, to cheering, to entertainment – everything is spot-on perfect.  Wish I’d thought of it myself. 

This is just a random local; she bought all that stuff on her own. Very generous.

As if the 3-Day wasn’t perfect enough, on three separate occasions some of the dedicated cheerers were handing out trail mix to the walkers.  One offered trail mix granola bars at La Jolla Shores; another presented individual Kirkland trail mix packs at the La Jolla cove; and the MADCAPs gave us delicately packaged sachets of trail mix tied with a perfectly pink ribbon.

Trail mix from the MADCAPs

Just when I though the 3-Day couldn’t get any better … it did.

Why do I walk 60 miles each year?  There are many reasons – my friend Lolly who is a 5-time survivor, my mom who had her own tumor scare, Scott’s family that has had many relatives touched by the disease, friends and family of those dealing with the disease, to raise awareness for those who may have not ever thought to check themselves – and because I can.  There are thousands of people who wish they were able to walk 60 miles, but are physically unable.

Think about that next time life brings you trials.


The holidays are an expensive time of year, even before you factor in food costs.  Here at TMT, I want to take off a little bit of the financial pressure, so I’m giving away a FREE holiday meal (uncooked), courtesy of Golden Share Foods.

The meal ingredients  feed six people and will include:

  • spiral-cut ham with honey glaze
  • fresh green beans
  • bag of potatoes
  • bag of onions
  • bag of yams
  • stuffing mix
  • bag of celery
  • bag of carrots
  • bag of apples
  • a dozen rolls
  • holiday pie

You can add a 16-18 oz. turkey for $16 more (turkey not included with prize pack).

I only have one meal to give away, and since there’s no such thing as a free meal, you’re gonna have to work for it.

Contest Time Again!

The contest is only open to San Diego residents.  I am challenging you to create a trail mix that screams “San Diego.”  Be creative.  You can use ingredients that are indigenous to the region.  You can name it something that piques the interest of locals and visitors alike.  The world is your oyster.  Show me what you can come up with.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail to, or add a comment to this post with your recipe name and ingredients.  I will mix it up, test it and chose the winner based on taste, San Diego specificity, and creativity. 

Enter as many times as you wish.  The contest rules are the same as our previous contests.  For complete rules, click here.

The contest runs from Nov. 21-Dec. 3 at noon.  I will pick the winner the evening of Dec. 3.  Late entries will not be accepted. 

If you don’t win, you can still get this holiday feast for less than $40 from Golden Share Foods.  Check their Web site for package pricing, availability and ordering. 

If you are not a San Diego resident, but are interested in getting groceries at ridiculously low prices through food sharing co-ops, like Golden Share Foods, contact the good people at Golden Share to learn about locations nationwide.  You can also follow them on Twitter @gldnsharefoods.

Best of luck in your San Diego trail mix-making trials.  May the best mix win.


Bucky Diggs of is throwing down.  This time, with a trail mix legend … Mr. Peanut. 

That’s a squirrel with some … well … nuts. 

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of their trials.  Stay tuned.


Start by coring and dicing your apples. Put them in a large bowl. Rough chop your trail mix of choice and place with the apples. Top with the light mayonnaise and lemon juice and toss (Key: Don’t forget the lemon juice, it acts as an anti-browning agent for the apples as well as adding a necessary tang to the salad!).

Serve immediately or refrigerate and enjoy fall tastes with your loved ones.

-3-4 firm apples, cored and diced
-¾ cup light mayonnaise
-1 cup trail mix of your choice
-1 tbsp. lemon juice

To read the full story, click here.
Source: Royal Purple News


At TMT, we’re just trying to keep our readers safe.  See below for the trail mix recall of the day.

Source: Associated Press

Snacks on Racks Inc. is recalling products from its line of Gourmet Snacks Packs because they might contain milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, sulfites or wheat ingredients not declared on the products’ allergen statements. The recall includes items such as nut and chocolate mixes, trail mix, gummy food as well as yogurt and candy products. Those who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, sulfites, soy or wheat run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they eat the products. No illnesses have been reported to date, according to the Parkville, Mo., company.

The recalled products were distributed nationwide to food service establishments at hospitals, colleges, universities and corporate cafeterias and kiosks. The company said the recalled products were not sold to convenient stores, gas stations, grocery or mass market retailers. They were packaged in clear, rectangular-shaped, safety sealed, plastic containers with blue Snacks on Racks labels adhered to the top of the products. For more information, consumers can call 816-505-9131. 

For full article, click here.


Yes, there will be nuts (walkers included).  Seriously, though, this Friday we will start our Breast Cancer 3-Day walk which spans 60 miles over the course of three days. 

During last year’s walk I started realizing that nuts were an excellent source of sustainable energy.  Much to my dismay, I surpassed the more delicious treats (most of the time), like the Uncrustables, and opted for a pack of peanuts.

My three-year teammate Amy and me

I was feeling really good the entire time.  However, I also trained a lot more last year than this year, so we’ll see how it goes.  But believe you me, I will be opting for peanuts – one of the most common trail mix ingredients – as my primary snacking staple this year.

I’ll update you from the road on my nutty walking trials.


Having a food blog pays.  gsf-home

The generous folks at Golden Share Foods have offered a few food bloggers in San Diego County the opportunity to get a free Thanksgiving meal (uncooked), in exchange for some write-ups and a Christmas meal food give-away contest hosted on my blog.  Not bad, huh?

Because I agreed to do it, we’re getting:

  • A turkey
  • potatoes
  • stuffing
  • green beans
  • yams
  • salad
  • rolls
  • pumpkin pie

Members of Golden Share Foods can get this package for $36.  Talk about a crazy savings!?  Most years we spend $100+ on food for the Thanksgiving meal. 

306610~Thanksgiving-Dinner-with-Turkey-and-Pie-PostersHow does it work?  In simple terms, Golden Share foods is a co-op of people in the community who buy food in bulk and divide it up among the members that don’t want to pay the marked-up retail pricing for food.  How do you become a member? You simply have to give back or volunteer in the community.  For a more formal explanation, click here.

What does this mean for you? Well … I will be hosting a contest for San Diegans (only) from November 21-Dec. 3 to win a similar meal for Christmas/Holidays from Golden Share Foods. 

Contest details and rules will be posted on Nov. 21.  Even if you don’t win, you can still pick up your holiday meal from Golden Share for less than $40, which feels like winning something in and of itself. 

Happy holidays, from The Trail Mix Trials.  I wonder if Golden Share Foods has a trail mix package?


Well … another trip (this time to  South Florida) and the same results. One thing I’ve learned is that trail mix is pretty much the same, regardless of geography.   For the most part, when I travel, I see the same brands, or the same ingredients in different packages. 

There’s something to be said about knowing what you’re going to get when you buy it, no matter where you are in the world.  For that, I am thankful.

It is either the trail mix industry’s attempt at consistency, or the world is flattening at a faster pace than we all realize.  Could it be that the global economy has taken hold of the automotive industry, the oil industry … and now the trail mix industry? My gosh.

However, I not-so-secretly fantasize about going to different places and having the trail mix offerings reflect the regional cuisine.  That in mind, I documented what seemed to be the foods indigenous to the Southern Florida region and am making a hypothetical “So. Flo” trail mix based on what I’ve found. 

It would feature:

  • mini alligator-shaped chocolate pieces
  • coconut
  • dried oranges
  • dried key limes
  • dried mangoes
  • Caribbean rum-covered almonds
  • pink-candy-coated sunflower seeds (to represent flamingo droppings)

I think it sounds delicious and seems to be an accurate depiction of the area.  While my traveling trail mix trials have not proven to be much of a success, I’m not giving up.  Worst case scenario, I’ll just have to make my own.


I’m here … in Hollywood, to be exact.  And wouldn’t you know, I’m on the hunt for regional trail mix specialities.

Hollywood Florida

Hollywood, Florida

My pals from hail from Florida, but I (and fortunantly you can too) can get their stuff regardless of geography.  I want something that is screamingly from the region.

Suggestion to aid in my trials requested and welcomed.  Thanks!